After death there is always life.

March 12th, 2016

Hi! I’m so sorry for my absence. It has been an hard period for me.

Shiro is dead. He’s dead 2 weeks ago but the pain is always here, with me.

The night is the worst moment. I go to bed and I think, I think about him and I cry.

The 1st of March I thought “I change, I change and I change my life”. How? I don’t know how but I started make workout. And it helps me. I release out everything, thoughts, tears, sadness. I release out and for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, I’m fine. Pretty good.

For two weeks I abandoned everything. I abandoned my YouTube channel, my blog, my social. I was only me, my tears and my family.

Also today it is not easy to start again but I’ll not give up. No one reads my blog, no one watches my YT channel but, right now, I want to do all these things for me.

I want to start again for me and for Shiro, I want to do this also for him.

Maybe this blog will be different. I don’t know if I’ll write everything both in english and italian because I want to do it as I like it. I want to write as I like it, what I like it, without thinking what people wants to read because there is no difference. I am the only one who read my blog so why should I write what other people want? There is no sense in this.

To be creative, to be original.


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