Hi everybody! Today I’ll speak about some LUSH’s products!


First thing. I know that all english people know Lush but I live in a little town in Italy where Lush doesn’t exist! I discovered it some months ago speaking with some girls. I have to go to Padova to get into this shop. I’m in love with Lush for different reasons. For example I love fresh handmade products and biological, vegetarian products, sometime I make at home my scrub or my face mask because I dont’t like supermarket’s products. Another reason is because Lush fights animal testing and I agree with them. And finally, I’m in love with their packaging. Wonderful! I think is funny and youth!

Anyway, back to the products..


This is a lip scrub. In Italy known as LABBRACADABRA, maybe in UK is known as BUBBLEGUM or as THE KISS, I’m not sure. Well, the perfume is very good, it tastes of strawberry, in fact, I don’t know about you, but when I applicate it on my lips..sometimes I happens to taste it a little! Ahahahaha! And also the flavor is gooood! Vote 7!

Second product: it is a face mask: MASK OF MAGNAMINTY.


The colour is orrible, it seems vomit or green poop but it tastes soo good, definitely mint, it seems mint ice cream. It’s very fresh, when you used it, you can feel your face very fresh, it’s strange but very good. I always like to taste it!! You can see that there are some pieces, in fact I read there are evening primrose seeds and aduki beans. I think that there aren’t immediately results, or better, the redness of the skin fades quickly but the real results there are within days. Vote 8!

Third product: it is a shower gel, a scrub, in Italy known as ATOLLO 13 but in UK known as RUB RUB RUB (I think).


The colour is wonderful, one of my favourite. When you opened it and smelled it, it seems to dive into the sea for its parfume and its colour. it is a fantastic sensation. I think it is so because there is sea salt. Mmmh, surely for this! Ahahahaha! It’s very good but for my body it isn’t perfect because is too light as scrub, I need of something more aggressive than this. But as normal shower gel is good, so as shower gel, vote 8, as scrub FOR MY SKIN, vote 5.


Fourth product: it is a dry shampoo in Italy known as SIAMO A SECCO (perfect name!) in UK, almost certainly, known as NO DROUGHT. For years I wanted to try a dry shampoo but I was reluctant because, go to a supermarket and buy a dry shampoo, I don’t know, I thought that people would look at me badly, “hey, look at her, she doesn’t wash”. Finally, I bought it because I want to wash my hair one less time because it is very fine, and I don’t have much. If people use a dry shampoo, doesn’t mean it doesn’t wash. So, the parfum is good, I think there are lemon and some exotic fruits, because it smells fresh, and yeah exotic, a bit acid such as citrus fruits. When I use it my hair looks clean and voluminous! A perfect result! Vote 9!

Fifth product: it is a shampoo in Italy known as DOLCE METÀ and in UK known as FAIRLY TRADED HONEY. As you can understand from the name, in this shampoo there is honey, a lot of honey! When you smelt it, you can feel the smell of the honey but when you put it on your hair, you felt also a lot of parfums of flowers, not only honey. Also its colour remember you honey. To hydrate and give shine to your hair this shampoo is perfect! I don’t know if this happens only to my hair but after I used it my hair is difficult to brush and here comes the sixth 8 to this shampoo!

Sixth and last product: it is a hair conditioner in Italy known as SHINING (an english word, yeah!) but in UK this’s not its name! In Uk is known as VEGANESE (almost an italian word! Crazy!). Its parfum is strange, I don’t know, I think exotic fruits or lemon, it is a fresh perfume! It helps me to brush my hair and extricate it with more easily. Vote 8.

All right! We arrived at the end of this blog post. I hope you have found it useful and if you have some products to recommend me, let me know in the comment down below.

See you soon!

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